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About Sunbliss

Nutrients. As essential to us as the air we breathe. And, like the air we breathe, we take for granted that the foods we are being served are indeed helping to keep us alive and healthy. Yet as the world becomes more technological, we get further away from real food sources from which the human race has thrived for thousands of years. We’ve become more reliant on processed, false foods that may fill us up, but in fact, are simply weighing us down.

At SUNBLISS SUPERFOOD, we have found an “old way forward” taking us back to a time when the Earth’s bounties were pristine, pure and plentiful. A time when humans spent thousands of years hunting and gathering and discovering indigenous foods that led to health benefits that were good and successful enough to sustain human evolution until this day.

Our work is to bring healing foods back into the future by carefully purveying the world’s most pristine lands in quest of the planet’s most powerful superfoods. We are deeply committed to the quality of our products and guided by a passionate belief that bringing health benefits to customers is our primary mission.

You should definitely judge a book by its cover! By that we mean, what your superfoods are packaged in is incredibly important. Not only do we insist that our products arrive fresh, we want them to stay fresh and potent until you finish consuming them – right to the last powdery drop. To ensure the highest quality and the longest shelf life, our full line of products come packed in state-of-the-art European-crafted “biophotonic” ultra-violet-blocking glass jars. Our unique jars keep our Acai, Camu-Camu, Maca and Maqui from South America; and Amla, Ashwagandha, Moringa and Triphala from India as pristine as the day they were carefully packed.

Quality and Certifications